3 Things You Should Stop Doing As A Sensitive Soul Business Owner

"You're just too quiet," "You're too sensitive," "In order to be successful you need to be louder," "That's just an excuse, I'm an introvert too."

Have you heard these phrases, or similar ones, before?

I certainly have. I cringe when people say "That's just an excuse/limiting belief." I don't see it as a limiting belief I see it as knowing myself and acknowledging that there are multiple ways to accomplish the same goal without doing things that don't feel good to me.

I know who I am and I embrace it, online and in person. I won't implement strategies that don't feel right, anymore.

People who are outgoing often see quietness and sensitivity as a negative thing (not all but many!).

But there is power in being a quiet soul or a sensitive soul. It doesn't make you a bad business owner or set you back in any way. There are people out there who prefer to work with quieter people.

I learned to embrace my quiet messenger side from the wonderful Adria Sophia on the Quiet Messenger podcast.

For a while, I had tried to show up as outgoing, exuberant, loud, highly expressive, etc., because I thought that was what was needed to make sales. My copy was full of it. It was plastered all over my website, in my emails, in my posts...


But, here are 3 things I had to stop doing as a quiet, sensitive soul, introverted business owner to start making more sales effectively:

1. Implement strategies that don't align with who you truly are

Coaches or other educators forget that there is more than one strategy that works. They often talk about their strategy as the be-all-end-all, the only one that works. And I get that, they want to sell their method, of course they do. But here's the secret...

There are actually lots of strategies that work. Different people align with different strategies. It's totally normal to try out different things until you find something that works. 

And no, admitting something doesn't work for you isn't just a limiting belief. If it's not working, truly do ask yourself if it's fear that's stopping you or if it's genuinely a strategy that doesn't align. It's important to acknowledge the difference.

But you can shop around until you find a strategy that aligns with your personality, your values and your natural tendencies. Also, take into consideration your type of business (yes, strategies to sell coaching are different than selling freelance services or a physical product and it is totally fine to admit that) and the time you have in the day. For instance, as a freelancer, I spend a lot of time on client work so I don't have as much time as I did when I was coaching to work on sales pages and outreach. I look for strategies that don't require as much time doing organic engagement/outreach.

2. Wear the exuberant/extroverted "mask" when you're selling because you think you'll sell more

Ultimately, you cannot fool your real people. The people not meant for you will still be turned off by your presence (even if it's simply a mask) and the people meant for you will not be fooled by the mask.

The mask does not help. Take it from an expert! I was always a quiet introvert but the online world told me I needed to show up as an outgoing extrovert in order to succeed. So, you better believe that's exactly who I tried to become.

Becoming outgoing, being active and exuberant on all of the social media platforms, making a million videos so you're posting them every day, all of those things aren't going to inherently make you more money. 

You need to teach and disseminate your information in a way that is natural to you. I'm not saying make no videos ever (let's be honest here, videos are huge right now they are needed sometimes) but if you're more of a natural writer find a way to utilize that. For me, I write a weekly blog. I definitely do still make reels because people like reels, but I don't make them every day (or multiple times a day) and they are not the only content I put on Instagram.

Find your thing. But be willing to try new things. Even if your brain flashes "Heck no!" try it anyway. It might surprise you how much you like it and how much it works. If you try it and don't love it, you're not married to it. So, move on and find something else.

3. Try to hide who you truly are from your customers instead of embracing your natural way of being

People are rarely ever fooled so hiding your true self will only leave you unhappy and burnt out. Again, trust me. Everything I say is because I have already made these mistakes. The burnout is real. If you're not outgoing and you force yourself to be all you'll end up doing is burning yourself out.

Instead, embrace who you are and your natural communication style. Stop trying to be loud, if you're not, and let your quiet presence be enough.

You don't need to be outgoing and wild if you're not. It's okay to not be overly expressive if that's not normally you. But it's also okay to be loud and wild or highly expressive if that's you.

When you show up as exactly who you are, you give your customers permission to do the same, to be themselves. You also offer them a space where they feel safe and accepted. Don't write off how powerful that is in making sales!

Don't implement strategies that don't align with you.

You are enough as you are
You're not too quiet
You're not too sensitive

You are perfect and the people meant for you will find you once you take that mask off and let who you are shine brightest.

P.S. Looking for a quieter copywriting strategy that focuses on true connection and acceptance and still skyrockets your sales with clients who are exactly the right fit? Grab my free guide 10 Ways To Use Storytelling In Your Copy To Skyrocket Your Sales now!


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