The #1 Question On Business Owners Minds: Should I Really Write a Book?

This is a hot topic right now, a trendy thing, something on a lot of business owners' minds... Should I write a book?

And, it's a fair question.

All the bigwigs are doing it... Actually, it seems like everyone is doing it right now.

It's good for marketing and making passive income they say. Although, if you talk to most published authors they'll tell you a different story.

But it's not a completely bad idea. Writing a book is a great experience and is an awesome way to get your thoughts out and provide more valuable information to a larger audience.

But is it worth all the grief and work that comes with actually writing it?

Writing a book can be a great project to undertake. Many people have always dreamed about writing a book and when they finally get to it can be emotional and overwhelming (in all the best ways). As an editor, I'm also a big fan of people writing books... That means there is more for me to edit.


If you're asking yourself if you should write a book, go through this list and answer honestly:


You should write a book if:

  • You have a dream of writing a book 

Many people have had this dream since they were little or even since they started their businesses. It could be a new dream but truly ask yourself if this is a dream or a marketing tactic. Sure, books can be a good way to increase your credibility but it's incredibly easy to self-publish nowadays and you don't need a publisher's approval to do it. This results in many books that haven't been reviewed out on the market. If this is a dream you have, then that passion will shine through on your pages and absolutely, you should write a book.

  • You love writing

This might be an obvious one but if you love writing, you should absolutely write a book (if that's what you want to do). That way you will have fun during the process and get excited to write it. Your readers can most definitely tell the difference if you are slogging your way through writing your book or if you genuinely enjoy the writing process and get excited to put pen to paper. Writing can be an amazing way to express yourself (if that's the way you communicate best). If you love writing, this might be a great option for you!

  • You have time to write a book

This is an important factor. If you are at a place professionally where you can invest enough time and energy into writing it, then it might be a good time for you to write one. Unless it's super short (and then it's more like an informative e-book) then the writing process takes time. If you have planned ahead and cleared your schedule so you have time to write it, then it could be a great idea!

  • You genuinely want your knowledge in the format of a book

There are plenty of different formats you could put your knowledge in and educate people. Many coaches, especially, think their knowledge could easily make a book because people love consuming their content and purchasing their coaching/courses. But it's a good idea to think about the layout of your book and how your information will work in book format. I highly recommend doing some research and finding different formats to see if there is one that you particularly like. If it feels like it could be a valuable way to educate people then absolutely, writing a book could work!

  • You're actually going to write the book

Don't get me wrong, as a copywriter I have done plenty of ghostwriting. It's a big profession. But when you're writing a book consider if you're actually going to write it. If you're not a strong writer but you can still write everything down to a place where someone else could simply rearrange things cohesively or even create a proper book format without too much trouble, then yes, this could be for you. Having an editor make rewrites (even extensively) is fine. Writing a book is a fun process, it should excite you and motivate you to write!


You should consider another avenue if:


  • You think of this as only part of your marketing strategy

If it feels like just part of your marketing strategy because you see so many people online with books, then you might want to consider another strategy. Writing a book is an investment, it takes time. You also then have to keep up with marketing it. It's not something to jump into because it's trendy. Really think about it. If it's something you truly want then write the book that's on your heart, if you think it'll help business increase then I would recommend looking at something simpler.

  • You don't love writing but someone told you all the big coaches do it

This is one of those "If so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you?" moments. The bigger coaches have the time (or the ability to make the time) and they don't always write their books (and you can tell). If you don't love writing and think writing a book is just something you have to do because everyone's doing it, then I implore you to find another strategy. It's a big undertaking and writing a book should be something you do because you love writing.

  • You don't really have time to write it so you'll try to write as quickly as you can

People will be able to tell if you rushed it or didn't like writing it. You do not want to have feedback like that. There are lots of other ways to make money online. Remember, 7 and 8-figure coaches have tons of employees to fill in the gaps when they want to set aside time to write a book. Your time is valuable as a small biz owner. You should weigh the costs versus benefits of writing a book. It's a lot of work and what happens if you spend months (or even years) writing your book and then have hardly anyone interested in purchasing it?

  • You prefer videos or other formats

This is a completely legitimate desire. Some people love making videos and can get on a camera with little prep and just disseminate incredibly valuable information. I am not that kind of person but I admire people who are. This might be a better use of your time and a better format for your education to be in. You could also compile your videos/audios, put them into a package and sell them with the same purpose as a book. Your audience might prefer this if they are used to getting your information in video format already.

  • You are going to use an alternate writing tool

As a ghostwriter and copywriter myself I don't think it's a bad thing to hire help like this. But consider if writing a book is the right avenue if you're not actually going to write it yourself. What would be the point? Also, please please please, do not AI your book. Call me old-fashioned but there is already so much freely available information out there that if you're going to just use AI to write your book do you really think that will be the most valuable thing for your audience? If that's your plan, then please don't contribute to market saturation if it's not even going to be your real thoughts.


Writing a book is amazing.

I am definitely pro-writing a book. But I also know that it's a lot of work and dedication and doesn't always have the payout you hope for.

Go through the points and really think about whether this is the right next step for you. If it's a resounding yes, then that's amazing! Congratulations, on taking that next step in your journey.

It's okay to be nervous or scared. Writing a book is a big deal and ends up being quite vulnerable. So, if you feel that way do not feel discouraged. If it came up yes, then this is something you were made to do!

If it came up no, then that's okay too. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. There are lots of ways to compile your knowledge and educate your audience. Writing a book is not the only way. You have a gift and maybe it's in speaking (get on podcasts or speak at events) or maybe it's creating short-form video content (make lots of reels and find a way to package them up and create an offer).

In 2023 there are so many ways to do things and that's amazing. There is something for everyone and we all have different talents.

If you're about to start writing your first book (or another one), then I am thrilled for you. As a writer, I can tell you I love writing and it can be such a fun and amazing process. I just edited a book this year for a woman with an incredible message who had been dreaming about this for so long. It showed in her writing. It was fun, engaging, informative and incredibly valuable.

When her proof copy arrived, she was overwhelmed with emotion. She cried, I cried, it was awesome.

I hope you are that level of excited about your book!


If you are in the process of writing your book or just finished and aren't sure where to go now and need an editor let's chat. I currently have a book editing opening and I absolutely love watching the magic of your words unfold on the pages.

If you're ready for editing click here to fill out the form to let me know a little bit about you and your book (and yes, it's totally fine if you're not done yet. It's never too early to look into an editor).

Happy writing!


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