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The Power of Heart-Centred Storytelling. For the kindred spirits yearning to connect with souls as tender as their own. Illuminate your path with the brilliance of heart-led copy, where every word becomes an enchanting brushstroke across the canvas of emotion. Step into the realm of storytelling copywriting, where the currency is resonance and your impact becomes a symphony that sparks the soul. Powerfully connect with your people in your own softer, introverted way through heart-centred copy.

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The Art of Authentic Influence. In a world that often celebrates the loud, there's a hidden strength in embracing your quiet introverted nature. No more masking your true brilliance behind extroverted facades. Elevate your influence through the magic of authenticity ‚Äď the pillar of trustworthiness. Storytelling copywriting¬†turns your vulnerability¬†into your truth¬†and your authenticity becomes the key to unlocking unwavering credibility in your industry to captivate your audience like never before.

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Your Message, Your Story, Your Magic. In a world of loudness, your voice is what sets you apart, a symphony of uniqueness. There's a magnetic power in¬†showing exactly who you are ‚Äď it's your essence that no one can replicate. Dive into the world of storytelling copywriting, where your uniqueness isn't just celebrated, it's the very thread weaving connections so profound they touch the soul. Your story, unfiltered, ignites a beacon that draws your¬†people closer than ever before. Your people want you, the real you, the true you. Let's show them your magic.

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"I am SO glad I said "yes" to working with Sarah. Sarah has been an amazing support to my business. She has a beautiful way with words (the copy queen) and created a beautiful PDF guide for one of my popular workshops. Sarah is skilled in many areas, an absolute asset, and has provided me with brilliant advice time and time again. Grateful for you, Sarah!"

Katie Brand - CEO Katie Brand

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"Sarah's the Beyoncé of blog posts! She will take your vision and somehow sound more like you than yourself. She captures tone, personality, and intention so powerfully. She is the ultimate asset to your team and will bring your expression to life in a way you never dreamed possible!"

Lauren Allen - CEO Lush Rich Skin

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Sarah Hennessey

I'm an introverted, sensitive soul, neurodivergent, multi-passionate copywriter and editor. I love all things acronyms so if you want to get specific I'm also an INFJ, Enneagram 6, HSP, OCD, SPD and ADHD. A bit of an alphabet soup I'd say.

Ready to embark on a journey of true alignment in your copy? Explore the world of 'SKE' and uncover your sanctuary for transforming your copy into the artwork that speaks from your soul. Let's get to know each other more.

It's Me. Hi.
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I also love...

Adventure and travel! So much so I even started an Adventure Travel Log (Blog & Vlog) called Sarah's Grand Adventures.


No reason other than just for fun. Nope, it doesn't make money, nope it's not to get leads. Simply put... I just love adventuring, exploring and especially travelling and I just felt that little nudge to share the stories on my heart that didn't fit the business mold.  So, I needed to create another space for it. A space to create and share all the facets of who I am without worrying about the analytics and monetization.

Discover your next adventure here

In a world where extroverted echoes often drown the subtle symphonies of introverts...

finding your place can be a quest for authenticity. The words you share, the essence of your message, should speak what's truly on your heart. Find a place where your voice isn't just heard, it's celebrated and crafted by someone who knows the intimate dance of introversion. Say goodbye to disconnection and hello to a narrative that aligns seamlessly with your very soul.

 I recently realized that sometimes "quiet is the loudest sound out there."

Your introverted nature and deep sensitivity are the gems that sparkle in the dark. The power to inspire and¬†serve resides in your unique being ‚Äď a gentle strength that¬†does not require you to shout.

Your stories are the bridges that forge connections, binding you to the hearts of those you support. Being heard doesn't demand volume but rather the art of crafting stories that intertwine seamlessly with the souls you serve.

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I've never aligned with the extroverted sales tactics...

Extroverted strategies do often work for extroverts but typically miss the mark and often remain elusive for introverts, like you and me. The compass of your soul knows when a path is true but its whispers are often drowned by the¬†demand of¬†the 'big wigs'¬†advice. Those dismissive echoes ‚Äď "Just do it," "Stop making excuses," and "Success comes from action" undermine the innate wisdom that fuels your journey.

Enter the haven of introverted brilliance, where your gentle strength is someone's safe place. A writer and editor who doesn't just comprehend your world, but lives within its delicate rhythms, is your beacon. They understand the quiet magic beneath your words, the subtle nuances and soul of your message.

Storytelling becomes your artistry, painting the canvas of your value without resorting to deafening sales pitches. No need to shout over the noise or send generic "Hey girl" messages invading inboxes. AI might tout its analytics (and it does serve a purpose) but it lacks the human heartbeat that defines you. Your connection, your essence, your very humanness is the thread that weaves you to those who match your genuine spirit.

Hiring a copywriter or editor who understands you on a deeper soul level helps you send the right message to the right people.

What are the benefits?

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Picture this: a collaborator who doesn't merely grasp the concept of 'quiet' but dances within its soulful embrace. They truly see what your soul holds, the tender moments of truth and the nuances to make your narrative into a masterpiece. With their artistry, your message will push through the noise, touching the hearts of your clients with a precision and resonance that leaves an undeniable mark. When you seek to share your voice you need someone who shares your soulful nuances and desire for deeper connection.

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Imagine having your purpose speak softly yet strike chords that resonate deeply, where your playful spirit gleams without overshadowing your authenticity. You deserve a soul as gentle and as graceful as your own, who aligns with the same beautiful truth and values as you to help your message shine bright. Not by masking your essence but by letting it speak to the world and allowing its magic to illuminate every step of your client's journey. When it's time to release your vision to the world, the power of an aligned team is your greatest asset.

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Throughout my journey, I've¬†supported extroverted freelancers and coaches and I¬†regularly met an¬†overwhelming energy ‚Äď a push towards¬†a path that didn't harmonize with the rhythm of my innermost self. The story changes when you step into a¬†world woven by introverted hands. Here, the artistry of language is spun to empower without pressure. The way we teach, the way we work, it's an orchestra of¬†its own. Here pressure evaporates and is replaced by harmony and tailor-made collaboration with only what resonates in the depths of your soul.

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"Sarah has an incredible ability to write in the exact tone you're looking for. She writes and edits all of my blog posts and I never feel like it doesn't fit my actual brand & services. I love that with Sarah, I can hand over the task and she will take care of it. I never feel like I have to follow up, micro-manage or do more work than if I had just been doing it alone - We've all had those team members and Sarah just isn't one of them. She takes initiative, she knows the vibe I'm going for, she's educated on what it is that I'm teaching and if she doesn't know something she does her research & double-checks with me. Aside from her work, she's also a really great person who cares deeply about the people she's working with."

Meagan Murtonen - CEO Bloom With Meagan

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"Sarah is a gift. She so perfectly emulated my voice that when I reread the blogs that she wrote for me, I wasn’t sure if she wrote them or if I did! She truly took my way of speaking and poured it into blogs. I’m so thankful for her, especially in a world where AI is taking over when it comes to copywriting, nothing will EVER replace a human, especially if that human is Sarah! Get her in your corner NOW!!!"

Carly Merryweather - CEO Carlyita Co.

In a world of words, let your quiet be a roar of authenticity. Let your fellow introverted copywriter be the maestro who elevates your voice, turning whispers into a symphony that resounds deeply, connecting and echoing in the hearts of those you're meant to inspire.

Think my writing style is a little too "airy fairy" for you? I just can't help myself... My first great love is classic literature. But no worries, I write in your style, your tone and in the way way you like. Just ask my clients!

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