Transform Your Marketing with Irresistible Calls to Action

A Call To Action might sound like something small and insignificant. More like an afterthought. But your call to action is one of the most important parts of your emails, posts and landing pages.

The point of a call to action is to get people to take action. However, the most common mistake people make when writing them is they don't make people want to take action.

They're often boring, generic or overly aggressive.

You need to learn your audience's communication style. If you're trying to attract people who are excited about making improvements to their health, then go ahead with something over the top. But if you're trying to attract shy people or people who have experienced trauma something aggressive and over the top might not be the best course of action.

Creating persuasive and action-oriented calls to action is crucial for encouraging your audience to take the desired action. If it doesn't stop the scroll, then they're not going to opt in or buy whatever you're promoting.

Here are some tips to help you transform your CTAs and get people to irresistibly say yes every time: 

1. Skip the generics

First things first, lose the generic pre-programmed responses. "Buy now," "Contact us" or "Sign up" simply do not cut it anymore. They'll skip right by unless your other copy is fire. (But if you're other copy is fire you should definitely have a great CTA).

2. Use strong action verbs

Remember, these are calls to action, the operative word is action. You want to get people who see your email, landing page, social posts, etc. to want to take action. Encourage immediate action by using strong and specific action verbs (Eg. Download, Get Started, Join, etc.).

3. Be clear and concise

Be as clear and concise as possible, without getting generic. Keep things short and avoid unnecessary words/phrases. Also, know where your CTA will be and how it will be used. What you put on a button on a landing page will need to be much shorter than a written-out CTA at the end of an email or post. 

4. Create a sense of urgency

You still want to be ethical here, so don't say something like "Last chance" if it's not actually their last chance. But you want to encourage them to take action right now and not when they forget. The word 'now' is quite powerful and can be used in a loud and excited way or in a softer way. First, creating urgency in what you're promoting will help guide your CTA urgency. Offering a product for 50% for 3 days can lead to "Limited time."

5. Highlight benefits

You can encourage action-taking by stating the main benefit or sharing what they'll get by taking action. I have a freebie called 10 Ways to Use Storytelling Copywriting to Skyrocket Your Sales, so I would consider saying Grab your free guide to skyrocket your sales now. Or if you're doing an upsell you could say "Get your exclusive content here."

6. Use 'your'

Make things personal. When you direct things directly at someone it engages them in a type of conversation. It makes them feel like you're talking directly to them. In the above example, I added a 'your.' I could have said "Get exclusive content here" which would have been fine. But by adding the 'your' I stop them in their tracks and speak to them instead of to the abyss.

7. Address pain points/solutions 

If you're writing it out like in an email or post (not on a button), you can try addressing their pain points and/or solutions. If you're helping people start their business and they want to leave their 9-5 job, you could say "Tired of being on the hamster wheel and just want to branch out on your own? Start your business now."

8. Use FOMO

Again, be ethical about this one. This is a fun one to create some urgency but make sure you're being truthful. Don't tell them time's running out if it's not. Humans often have a weakness to 'fear of missing out' and you can use that to get people to take action now. Saying things like "Grab it while it's hot" or "Be the first XYZ" are some great options.

9. Offer incentives or rewards

Gamify, gamify, gamify. If you're selling something, you can offer discounts. This works well if you're having them click a button. "Get your 50% now" or "Click here for your exclusive content" can work well. If it's something free, you could include free, complimentary or on-the-house - Just be careful with the word free as some social media platforms don't like it. Don't make this clickbaity, just be authentic.

10. Align with your brand voice and be authentic

Make sure your CTAs actually sound like you. If you write a beautiful and connection-based email and you're more of a quiet soul, you shouldn't write a call to action that contradicts that. If you speak in a loud and excited way, you don't want to have a passive-sounding CTA. Stay true to who you are and your voice.


Here are some extra examples (from ChatGPT with edits by me):

  • "Claim your spot now and save 20%"
  • "Unlock your exclusive access"
  • "Start my 7-day free trial"
  • "Join our community of like-minded professionals"
  • "Upgrade your life today"
  • "Don't miss this opportunity - Reserve your seat now"
  • "Get my copy"
  • "Yes, I want to learn more"
  • "Secure your limited-time offer"
  • "Book your appointment"
  • "Try it for free"


You don't need to be over the top but you still need to be persuasive, direct yet kind and action-oriented. 

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