Pro's and Con's of Hiring a Copywriter to Write Your Copy

Hiring help in your business is a big decision. No matter what type of help you're looking for, it's definitely not an impulsive choice.

When you're new, chances are the first freelancer you hire will be a general virtual assistant (usually but not always).

But, once you are ready to hire more specialized support your mind often goes to copywriting, graphic design, Facebook Ads specialist, etc.

Hiring a copywriter can come with thoughts like "Is this a good idea?", "Will they be able to capture what's in my brain?" or "Can anyone portray this as well as me?"

Here are a few pros to hiring a copywriter you should consider:

1. Saves you time

The number one pro... It saves you time. Sure, you might be able to write your own copy and you do know your business better than anyone but do you need to be spending your time on this? I always ask people who are looking at delegating...

What is your business? What do you do in it? If you make candles, your job is making candles. If you're a coach, your job is coaching others. If you're a coach, your job is not copywriting. But someone's job is copywriting... a copywriter.

Hiring a copywriter can free up lots of time for you to do the things you love and that you started your business to do.

2. More expertly written

Now, I'm not saying you're not a great writer but if writing isn't your forte then having a professional write your copy could be incredibly helpful. Copywriters often have lots of tools to assist them, training and knowledge. They do this because they love to write.

Chances are they can revamp what you've created (or create from scratch) so that it sounds more professional and expertly crafted. They have all the strategies they can bring in as well that can take your copy from good to selling like hotcakes.

3. SEO optimization

Let me tell you, learning SEO optimization is dry stuff. It is not at all interesting. So, instead of you taking the time to learn it and being bored to tears, copywriters have done that for you.

SEO is incredibly important for anything website-related - Your webpages, landing pages, blogs, etc. Hiring someone who already knows what they're doing and can build this into your site/page. SEO is a must-have for any website/page on the internet in order for your website to show up in searches. You definitely need someone who can ensure this is taken care of.

4. Fresh Ideas

You know your business better than anyone and that is amazing. But sometimes you can be too close to your business and your message that you can get stuck on how to say something. This can make it tough to troubleshoot content that is not performing well.

Bringing in a copywriter can provide a new set of ideas and a new perspective. They can take what you've already created and make it stronger or word something in a way you hadn't thought of that lands more with your clients.

5. Consistency

Even if you know your business inside and out writing copy that has a consistent voice and feel can be tricky. If writing is not your forte you run the risk of potentially sounding like a) everyone else or b) sounding like a bunch of different people.

Copywriters are able to learn your tone (or even create a nice and consistent tone for you). When you have potential customers come to your site/accounts you want them to recognize you and connect with you. Having a consistent brand presence and voice allows them to recognize you while they're scrolling the internet.


Here are a few cons to consider before hiring a copywriter:

1. Cost

Here's the number one con... Copywriting is not an entry-level position. Copywriting is a specialized skill. Therefore, copywriters are often a good deal more expensive than regular virtual assistants.

It should be noted that most virtual assistants are not skilled copywriters. I know many people who expect their VAs (whom they pay $18/hour) to be able to write their sales pages, etc. If your VA has the skills and is okay with that, then great. But copywriting is not an entry-level skill and expecting a regular VA to perform these duties isn't always going to produce great results.

So, when you hire a copywriter, it's important to understand, that this is an investment and will support your company's growth and increased sales. It does cost more than your standard freelance services.

2. Finding the right fit can be tough

This is important to consider. Not everyone will be the right fit. While copywriters are often skilled at matching the voice of who they're writing for, they do all have their own styles and preferences and that comes into play. Their systems and way of working also may not be a good match for you.

It's important to do your homework to vet them before you get started. If you hire someone and end up not being a good fit, that can be a waste of time and money for you both. Make sure you read their samples (both their own writing and writing they have done for other clients) and talk to them. Jumping on a video call, so you're face to face, can be very informative.

3. Less intimate

As mentioned above, you know your business the best. Hiring a copywriter for a one-time project can mean they have less in-house knowledge of what you do, what you stand for, etc. You'll still need to do some grunt work to ensure they learn all they need to for the project (I have a questionnaire I get them to complete).

You'll also need to ensure you find someone with similar values and someone who can write the way you talk. Get someone you instantly jive with and who feels aligned to you and your business.

4. Remote working

99% of the time copywriting is a remote position. You're hiring someone who is not working directly with you. This means that communication will not be instant. Make sure your expectations are clear. You will need to establish ground rules when it comes to communication.

As a copywriter, I always inform my clients that I work with multiple other people and there are times throughout the day that I will not be available to jump right into an answer. I also do not answer on the weekends or in the evenings. Every copywriter is different but make sure you understand how they work to avoid awkward interactions.

5. Revisions/Edits

You will need to review the copy being produced and ask for edits and updates you require. This does mean you'll have some work to do to ensure it meets your standards and is how you want things said. 

You are free to ask for any adjustments you require to ensure the copy is exactly the way you want things said. This is built into the packages. However, keep in mind, sometimes discussions are required as a copywriter may have strategies that they use to ensure the copy is also SEO optimized and attracts your customers using Psychology and other means.


There are lots of great reasons to hire a copywriter to write your business's copy and many things you should consider before you do. Copywriting is not an impulsive decision and should definitely be thought through.

However, hiring a copywriter can provide an incredibly valuable service to your business and can support your goals of providing services to more people (therefore, increasing your sales).

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected] or if you're interested in hiring a copywriter complete this short application to tell me a little bit about yourself and your project.


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