Did you know, slow living supports a sustainable lifestyle?

Uncategorized Mar 30, 2022

I'm sitting here with my two favourite slow living books ready to write this article. 

After reading these two books something I realized is that, without even trying, slow living is naturally a sustainable lifestyle.

These books are full of incredible tips on slow living but also eco-friendly tips and self-sufficiency tips.

So, it felt like this blog needed to be written just to showcase how naturally these two concepts work together!

Two ways slow living supports a sustainable lifestyle:

1. Many slow living tips are actually eco-friendly tips


All the books on slow living that I have read are loaded with incredible eco-friendly and self-sufficiency tips.

One of my favourite books is called Grounded by Anna Carlile and it breaks slow living habits up into the four seasons, which is a great way to do it, in my opinion.

She includes sections on starting a vegetable patch, growing herbs, composting, supporting honey bees, disconnecting from electronics, DIYing a lot of household items, air filtering with indoor plants, foraging, eating whole foods, etc.

All of these are meant to be slow processes that get you in and connecting with nature and yourself but they are also great processes for supporting the growth and health of the planet.

So, why are eco-friendly and self-sufficient habits naturally slow? These are all habits that take time, patience and love. Nowadays, we often seem to turn everything we do into some sort of race. We have to be the fastest, we have to get the most done.

But at the end of the day, this stops us from living in the moment, enjoying life, connecting with ourselves and ultimately, destroying the planet. If you think about a lot of the modern-day habits that exist that are around to be "quick" and "efficient" do you notice that most are planet-damaging?


2. Many slow living tips build and encourage a love and appreciation for the planet


The other side of the coin is that most slow living tips actually help us develop a love and appreciation for the planet and life itself. A lot of the tips contained in my two books are about spending time in and enjoying nature.

It's not just simply going outside but actually being in nature with mind, body and soul. It's things like going stargazing, having a forest bath, watching the sunrise/set, walking barefoot in the grass, smelling the rain, photographing nature, finding a sit spot, climbing a tree, riding a bike, etc.

I actually wrote a post about how simply being in and experiencing nature increases your sustainability and eco-friend desire.

So, why do slow living habits naturally increase your desire to save the planet? Humans are naturally drawn to and intrigued by nature. There have been quite a few studies done on this. When we walk through a forest or a place that has mostly all natural features we can't help but stare.

The more frequently we spend time in these areas unplugged with open eyes the more our love for it grows. The more amazing things we notice. If we never go to the woods we miss some of the most beautiful processes in life. In the woods, you can literally see aliveness, growth and beauty.


So, if I haven't convinced you before about this slow living thing I hope I have now. Go for a walk in your local park and simply reach out your hand and touch the trees, the leaves, the flowers. But use a gentle touch. You want to feel its life, its energy, it doesn't need to be brought down by yours.

If you're interested in learning some more sustainable habits check out my free Eco-Friendly Tips resource for creating a healthier home.


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