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Copywriting and Editing can be designed for the sensitive soul introvert

Revelling in freedom, thriving in serenity. You love being your own boss and working in a way that feels most aligned to you. You've created a world where peace thrives, where your unique style reigns supreme and every choice resonates with your ultimate brilliance.

But, you're voice feels lost and unimportant in the roar of the online space. How do I know? Mine sure did...

I remember¬†those early days. The frenzy of trying to mirror an extrovert's dance, all in pursuit of that elusive 'successful' label. But then, I had a moment of truth ‚Äď the epiphany that the path to triumph doesn't demand a transformation into someone¬†I'm¬†not.

Sound familiar?

Do you yearn to stay true to your introverted essence while still captivating the digital realm? Do you crave true connection without the need to turn up the volume knob? Do you dream of attracting your perfect match client with a magnetic pull, minus the cringe-worthy scripts?

You can operate in the most aligned way to you. You can whisper your message loud and clear. No need to shout to the void.

I spent a long time following the trusted lead of the exuberant extroverts; how they spoke, their mannerisms but was left baffled by the mystery of my lack of sales. 

I dutifully followed the confident wisdom of those who came before, offering services that weren't quite right. It felt like I was trying to paint a masterpiece using the wrong paints and was never satisfied with the outcome convinced that the world wanted a portrait with those paints. But it turned out... that approach very nearly bankrupted me. It left me shattered.

But that all changed at the end of last year when I held a quiet revolution within myself.  I stopped hiding my beautiful sensitivity, my unique introverted nature, my neurodiversity. Embracing my true self transformed my copywriting journey. I declared to the world (in a soft way) that I was doing copywriting and editing and here's what unfolded...


Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm the copywriter, editor and creative who finally embarked on a journey to chase her wildest dreams...

So, I know you can too!

I was the kid who started reading earlier than most and I loved creating stories (telling them, drawing them and then writing them). I took AP English in high school but still took all of the mandatory English classes at University.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology with a Concentration in Child Development and Disabilities. After I graduated I worked 1:1 with kiddos with Autism until I realized that, while I loved doing it, it drained my vital energy.

I¬†began writing a blog on child development, parenting and child/family fitness and felt the joy and passion come forth from inside me.¬†One day I made a serendipitous discovery. I stumbled upon a membership site¬†that would help me transform my blog into a thriving business ‚Äď The idea that sparked a revolution and brought forth a new path.

I began my business journey as a blogger. It was writing that sparked the joy that led my day. I wrote a blog for a real estate company in New York... I had never been to New York and I knew nothing about real estate but I was bursting with ecstasy of being chosen and my dreams were set ablaze.

But I was hungry for more and required the next steps. So, I invested in a coaching program which set the stage for my years of growth and became a general virtual assistant because that's where I thought the money was... And it was. But I never truly felt fulfilled.

From there I went on a journey of exploration chasing the passion and thrill I experienced early on. I switched to being a Launch Integrator, then doing systems and processes, then project management and even coaching. After years of refusing to acknowledge my true desires I needed to embrace radical honesty and discovered the elusive key to genuine fulfillment. My heart was led full circle back to writing and then editing.

If you want to speak to introverts as an introvert you need to hire an introvert to write your copy... How many times you can fit the word introvert into one sentence?

I find authentic and unbridled joy in creating, especially co-creating. Your unique thoughts, values and personality are an extension of your heart, your soul and your true self. These build the foundation of your sales, your connection with your customers.

While, yes, I can just craft it for you, I prefer to weave it into its masterpiece alongside you. I strive to learn your inner workings, your true depths through the art of inquiry.

I've created websites, landing pages, e-books, workbooks, product descriptions, ads, blogs and even social media posts with this style.

Sometimes I simply rework the words to create a cohesive piece, other times I let the inspiration flow through my fingers, I even have a client who creates audio files from her channelling sessions with the universe and I turn that into forms that hit right into the hearts of her potential customers.

I'm also an editing enthusiast! For my clients' I have always naturally edited their creations; emails, ads, landing pages, courses, social posts, websites and most recently I edited an exquisite self-published book that will be available for purchase on Amazon in September 2023!

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Kat Artemis

I had the privilege of hiring Sarah Hennessey in February 2023 to initially copyedit my book, DirectedThoughts, A New Way to Think About Thinking. Since then, her contributions have extended far beyond her initial role. Not only did Sarah excel in her copyediting duties, ensuring the manuscript's quality, but she also took on various other tasks to support my book project. 

Sarah’s copyediting expertise and attention to detail were truly impressive. Her meticulous approach to language and grammar enhanced the overall readability and flow of the text. Her dedication to refining my work, making recommendations, and her amazing attitude and willingness to help have been a great source of comfort to me during the writing and publishing process. 

Additionally, Sarah skillfully crafted an engaging Amazon product description that captured the essence of my book. Moreover, her talent for writing shone through when she created compelling social media ads to promote my work. In addition to these specific tasks, Sarah has consistently provided valuable assistance in various aspects of my book project.

Sarah’s dedication, versatility, and commitment to excellence have played a pivotal role in the success of my project. I wholeheartedly recommend her for her outstanding work and her unwavering support throughout this journey.

No more chasing, no more compromising; just you, standing unapologetically at the intersection of authenticity and online mastery.

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