Why I Use Crystals In My Wellness Practice

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2021

I used to be a very straight-laced person who desired to be just like everyone else. I only had a concept of mainstream ideas. That's all I knew and desired.

But, I wasn't well. I only knew "eat healthy" and "exercise." But I ended up going too far with both of those. It ended up an eating disorder. That wasn't "wellness."

When I started a business, that's when I began to discover other ways. I was craving some relief. I had depression, anxiety, and OCD and just needed to feel some kind of weight lift off my shoulders.

Once I discovered this whole other world I dove in hard. I wanted to learn everything I could and that's when I discovered crystals and fell in love.

I had always been such a literal, black-and-white thinker and struggled to understand the world but for some reason, I understood this stuff. Crystals just made sense to me. It might have been that I was able to add the meaning I wanted and needed to them.

Crystals were a way for me to not only understand myself but start to understand the world, in a way I can't explain.

At first, they were just pretty things that I liked looking up the meaning of. I had a few pretty ones I placed around the room but over time what I did with them and what I believed about them grew.

So why do I use crystals in my wellness practice now?

1. I believe they have deep meanings to help with emotional wellbeing


I love learning and exploring all the meanings of different crystals. I find it really interesting. Over the years I have grown my crystal collection. I am really intentional about where I place them and what I use them for. For instance, I try to have lots of protection stones around my house, especially my computer and I also have one in my wallet and backpack. Around my computer, I also have stones for manifestation. During moon rituals, I include stones that help with protection, grounding, manifestation, and that have positive interactions with the moon.

The meanings of crystals have a long history and many ancient cultures and current cultures still use crystals because of these meanings. They have been used for healing by the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, and in ancient Mexico.

Like many things, ancient peoples discovered meanings through experience, trial-and-error, and exploration. No one knows for sure where exactly all the crystal meanings come from but many theories are present, from things like colour and shape to location and intuition.

Before the invention of many modern forms of medicine, ancient peoples relied on what the Earth gave them and one of those things was crystals. I love exploring all of those meanings and tuning in with my intuition. When I focus on understanding the meanings and being intuitively guided with crystals I focus much less on the things in my life that aren't working out.

For me, crystal meanings help guide my wellness and self-care practices. They give me something that is supportive, both tangible and metaphysical and is a great starting point.

2. I believe they have positive energy that is supportive of a wellness journey


For me, I've always been really sensitive to energy. At first, I thought it was just human energy but then I noticed I was drawn to animals, then to nature, and then I started opening up myself to the energy of objects such as crystals. But while that was exciting and often felt really good it was also pretty overwhelming. Suddenly energy was coming from everywhere.

It felt like I couldn't control the energy from outside myself. While nature and crystal energy seem to always be positive (in my experience) human energy is all over the map. The introvert in me was always so tired at the end of the day. So I turned to an energy that was a lot more consistent, that I could harness in my own house; crystals.

As I mentioned, I bring them into my rituals and have them all over the house. I place them very intentionally. For instance, I always keep amethyst and black tourmaline by my computer for when I'm working and I use moonstone, amazonite, and selenite in my moon rituals.

Experts say that crystals work by channelizing your energy levels. They help heal you on the inside. Crystals carry their own frequencies based on their molecular composition. And they can interact with the energy and frequencies around them.

But some also say, this is a placebo effect, which is scientifically shown to help with medical concerns.


3. I believe they can help me connect with myself more


This is a big one. For me, I have never felt fully connected to myself. I could never understand myself and I could definitely never understand myself in the context of the world. I could never understand the world (that's a whole other conversation).

But I think a huge goal of a wellness journey, aside from the obvious of getting healthier, is to connect with yourself. I feel like a lot of people are so disconnected from their true self and they don't even know it. We walk around in a daze, unsatisfied with life, mearly surviving and think it's normal.

But I find that when I add crystals to my wellness routine and especially when I use them in rituals or for card pulls they really help me connect deeper with myself. They give me the space and the safety I need to be honest and vulnerable and allow me to go deeper with things like card meanings.


Now, these are all things that are personal to me, beliefs that I have. You don't have to have the same ones.

Things started to change for me once I stopped needing to have things "proven" in front of my eyes, I stopped needing to see things to be able to believe or have faith in them. I used to rely only on what was "scientifically proven" until I discovered that you could have two opposite hypotheses, both with great methods and sample sizes that are both true, essentially proving the same thing. It didn't make sense to me.

So I decided to open my narrow mind and have faith in things that felt good and right to me instead of needing to see everything with my eyes. You can't see so many things we put our faith in every day so why not put my faith in something that was more in the metaphysical realm.

But, it doesn't have to be the same for you. You don't have to believe in it if it doesn't feel right for you. Maybe one day it will. It didn't for me for a long time, until I was so low I needed something I hadn't yet tried.

Crystals made a huge difference in my wellness journey. It stopped being about what I looked like, being perfect, following all the rules and became more about what I felt like, what felt right, being happy, and learning more about myself.

So, what do you think? Do you buy into this idea that crystals can help with wellness?

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