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How the show Down To Earth started me on my sustainability wellness journey

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2020

"There's this great show on Netflix called Down To Earth. Have you heard of it?"

That's exactly what my mom said to me when I was visiting her once. She told me "Zac Effron is in it." "Cool mom.......

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Why aren't we talking about optimizing our immune systems?

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2020

The bone that I have to pick during all this COVID stuff is that.... People aren't talking about how to optimize our immune systems. 

I'm just going to rip the bandaid off here.... Hiding...

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So, have you ever heard of the Blue Zones?

Uncategorized Dec 09, 2020

Oh, my favourite thing to talk about!


 But wait.... What are the Blue Zones you ask?

There are 5 Blue Zones in the world and they are given the designation by having a high...

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Holiday health advice from a "health professional" in training

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2020

We just started December and you know what that means!

It's the mad dash to all the end-of-year holidays; Christmas, New Years', Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and a number of others. 

It's can be full of...

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Sustainability is more than just something you put in an Instagram reel

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

We need to change our minds!

This year I watched the show Down To Earth on Netflix and then I was hooked.

This was followed by The Game Changers, Kiss The Ground, a few other documentaries, Soil...

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Why I love nutrition and don't want to study nutrition

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020

Yes, you read that right.

I love talking about nutrition. Just go follow my Instagram and you'll see. I talk about it all the time. To the point, I'm sure many people are like "Enough! We get it...

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The perks of being a multi-passionate

Uncategorized Nov 13, 2020
Hi, I'm Sarah. I am a multi-passionate Manifesting Generator entrepreneur.

 I like all the things!

I am a Launch Integrator. I love systems and anything analytical. I support online...

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