Why telling your story in your marketing can positively help your sales

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2023

I know you've heard many times that "we gotta talk about them not us." But is this really true?

The answer is yes... and no.

Here's the thing, as humans we are naturally fairly self-centred, especially when it comes to buying things. So talking about "them" will automatically pique your potential buyer's interest level.

They want to know things like,

  • Is this right for me?
  • Will this work for me?
  • Ultimately, what do I get out of it?
  • Will it be worth my money?

This is natural and honestly, if you're going to invest your money, those are all good questions to ask. Not everything is made equally and it's good to be inquisitive before just impulsively going and dropping a bunch of money.

So, when people say that you should talk about them that's a great piece of advice and there's a good reason for it.

If people are asking those questions and you have not adequately answered them they will automatically move on. Nothing is unique anymore there are so many similar courses, programs, products, etc. so a buyer can be confident that if they don't feel their needs are being met they will be able to go and find 20 more things they want to buy and something will meet their needs.

So answering all of those above questions in your sales page or description will be very beneficial.

But, here's the thing...

That's not everything.

Storytelling is a very powerful and underrated tool. Many people suggest not talking about ourselves on our websites, sales pages, social media, etc. but I actually suggest the opposite.

As humans, we respond very well to stories. Since the time we are born, we are fascinated by stories. Pregnant couples often talk to their baby and tell stories, we read to our children, children grow up and communicate by telling stories (either real or made up), we teach lessons through stories. Many cultures around the world rely heavily on and value storytelling above all else. For example, the Indigenous peoples of North America make stories a high priority. It's how their elders pass their stories down to the next generations, it helps the younger generations connect with their culture and with the important people in their lives.

Since there are so many programs, courses and products that are alike all making the same claims the thing that will help yours stand out is you.

While people do want to know "what's in it for them" they aren't simply buying your program or course they are buying you. This is especially true for coaches.

Your story, your why and your clients' stories are what are going to set you apart from your competitors. 

If you can tell your story in a powerful way, emphasizing the right parts and showcasing how it relates back to your potential buyers then your sales page or sales description will be incredibly powerful.

It's also great to include stories of people you have worked with or happy customers.

Sometimes our potential buyers might think you are a special case or put you up on a pedestal simply because you're qualified to teach something so including your past clients' results or your past buyers' reviews can be so powerful. It can create an "if they can then so can I" type of situation.

Everything you put out will either increase connection with the people you're trying to attract or decrease it and knowing that humans are naturally drawn to stories and examples can help your copywriting and marketing pop!


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