What is slow living and how can it be helpful in modern society

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2022

In 2021 I came across this concept of slow living. It seemed like such a foreign concept to me.

In modern society, working hard, the amount of product produced in a short amount of time, how much energy you expend, how much you pile onto your plate isn't just valued... it's expected.

It's now become the norm to run yourself into the ground, especially when you're at work. And that sad truth is, you hardly even get recognized for it.

And if you're not "keeping up" you're made to feel like there is something wrong with you, like you're inadequate because you can't manage a completely unsustainable and unattainable level of output.

When I started my business in 2018 I thought I'd be escaping that mentality but it was just as real in the online space. Despite not having a boss demanding too much of me it was the entire online space setting these high expectations of "hustling."

But in 2020 things got even worse. I was determined not to let my business fail due to the pandemic so I hustled harder and I reached the goals I had hoped for. But that came at a huge cost.

I completely burned out, I left clients feeling like I wasn't keeping up my end of the deal, I was making mistakes on things I had done a million times before and I watched everything I had worked so hard on crumble away.

By the time December 2020 rolled around I wasn't even functional. I couldn't think, I couldn't act, on my last meeting of the year I couldn't even speak, I slurred my words and just had to call the meeting quits. I spent 3 full weeks in December trying to recover and I had to give clients a discount for half a month. I felt like my only value to them was based on how many days I worked. Honestly, I love my business but that felt like a ripoff.

But in 2021, I found this concept called slow living and it changed everything for me.

So what is slow living?

Slow living is the idea that life is made up of moments and the moments in life are worth slowing down for.

It's about being intentional about your actions, reconnecting with yourself and how you function and building a stronger appreciation of your life and the living world.

It's about releasing this idea that we need to hustle and overwork ourselves to be of any value in this world or because that's what's expected in this world. It's about showing up as your fullest self in the moments of life, being more present in the day-to-day.

But on top of that, it's about acknowledging and aligning with your values and your purpose. 

Slow living is a way of rethinking how you show up in the world and what it means to be a human in modern society. Every choice, every action, every thought we have has a consequence in our life and on our well-being. Sometimes those consequences are loving and supportive and sometimes they tear us down, strip everything away until we are left with nothing.


I know you might be reading this thinking "that sounds great but I have a busy life and job and kids. I can't just do things slower."

Slow living is a lot more than simply slowing down.

Trust me, I have a busy life too. I'm growing two businesses, I got married last year, I am the section lead in my pipe band, I teach music, both on my own and through two youth programs, I play on a field hockey team, I cycle and I'm training for a road race, I hike with my best friend regularly, my husband and I downhill ski, we try to keep up with our good friends, we volunteer. The list goes on and on.

But I know the things that give me energy and the things that deplete it.

And throughout my day I make sure that I do take a few slower moments.

When I'm on a daily walk I'll slow my pace down and touch the trees, flowers, leaves, bushes, gently of course. I'll take a moment to observe the scenery around me, often the ocean. I take small breaks from work and take deep and loving breaths and try to remind myself of things that are positive and loving. I try to have a slower breakfast where I sit and watch outside my window and the world waking up.

This doesn't happen every day. I'm not perfect. But there are always moments where slowness is essential.

As a parent, it can feel like you never get a moment of slowness. But I think that's a mistake. If you don't stop and take a moment and just observe the amazing little people you created you might miss the beauty in them. I challenge you to stop and simply observe them once in a while. Watch them as they play or create. Watch how they learn, the ideas they come up with, the joy they have in doing the things they love.

Children are the most magical creatures on earth and we forget that sometimes. Children act from a place of passion and desire. They do what they want in the moment, they are present and we can learn so much by simply watching them.


Slow living is a journey. It doesn't happen overnight.

But when you do get those slow moments those can be some of the best moments in your day. Even if you can only get a few.

Remember, you can only push yourself so far before it's too far.

Slow living is a way to help yourself not only recover from "too far" but also avoid it all together. If you mix up slow moments and moments of regular hustle and bustle in your day I guarantee you'll begin to notice a difference. A difference in your energy, your enjoyment in life, your drive and passion to do things, etc.


Always remember, let yourself live. A true appreciation for life occurs in the smallest of moments. So always make time to be part of those moments.

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