How to Master the Art of Writing Persuasive Copy with These Powerful Tips

business tips copywriting Jun 07, 2023

When we are writing copy for our business - whether that's on social media, a sales page or our website - it's important we persuade our customers to buy.

We want to hook them on the value of what we're selling, connect to us on a deeper level through our story and truly see themselves as both needing our service and being able to reach the result we offering.

Our job is not to convince them or beg them to buy but to make them want what we have if it's the right fit for them. Your people will see what you've written and plop themselves into the beautiful picture you've painted for them... As long as you it's clear, relatable and persuasive.


So, how can you master the art of writing persuasive copy and watching your sales skyrocket?


1. Be subtle

We don't need to be loud. We can quietly make assumptions that don't smack your readers in the face. Sometimes a subtle assumption is far more powerful than a bold statement (bold statements definitely have their place but speaking as a quiet introvert, I love a softer tone in sales copy).

Using the phrase "You're about to..." or "You will..." followed by the idea can help create powerful imagery. For example, "You're about to see the incredible results our customers have achieved using our simple framework" or "You will experience what it's like to be supported by our incredible VAs in the next 5 minutes."

You're priming them for what to expect and they go into the next few paragraphs pre-excited.

You can also lead them to action using this subtle assumption - and they don't even need to be fully aware you're doing it. For example, you could say something like "When you purchase one of our incredible paintings your home transforms from ordinary to an exciting new world" or "When you join the others in the membership you'll get the tools and accountability to take your business from zero to hero in a matter of months!"


2. Change your promise to a question

All the websites, sales pages, emails and promotional social media posts make these big promises. We are so used to seeing sales promises we almost just naturally skim past them when we see them. Promises no longer stand out and therefore are not persuasive.

But a simple switch can take your promise from just another one in the crowd to one in a million.

Instead of saying something like "Learn to nail your niche in 3 simple steps" try "How incredibly value would it be if you could nail your niche copy in just 3 simple steps?" It's still the same promise but you've added a persuasive element to it that captures their attention and for a second has them thinking of an answer to that question.


3. Engage all of their senses

This is where storytelling comes into play. Start using sense words such as, feel, see, hear, etc. Humans think in and learn more from utilizing all of their senses. The best classes or lessons are taught using various types of learning or engaging more than one sense at a time. This is also true of our copy.

Saying things such as "What would it feel like..." "Experience this..." or "Does this ring a bell?" can begin to help your potential customers feel a deeper connection to what you're selling and to you (ultimately, they're buying you and not just your product. There are probably tons of other people with the same services or offers are you and the thing that makes you stand out... is you).

Stories can be super helpful. You can introduce a story by saying "Let me paint a picture for you...," "Visualize with me..." or "How would this feel?" Remember, stories are the number one way to connect with your people no matter what you're selling, whether it's a coaching program, graphic design work or candles. 


4. Imagine

Again, stories come into play here. Get them to imagine a new world, a new outcome or even a new potential future or person they have to become. Show them what's possible through the use of their imagination. Let them do most of the world in their mind once you set them up for success.

Ultimately, the decision to buy is theirs and that comes from their mind so you want to prime their mind in the right direction. Use the word imagine - "Imagine a day when you wake up and your PayPal has been exploding all night. You sold while you were literally asleep" or "Imagine having your in-laws come over and your mother-in-law finally compliments your living room layout after you had your interior design go to town!"

Show them who they need to be, what they need to do and how they need to get there. What your solution is and why it's the one they need.


5. Pique their curiosity

Humans are curious creatures; we just can't help it! So tap into this powerful tool and let it do some of the heavy lifting for you. Write in a way that keeps them wanting more. Keep adding questions that they need to keep reading to get the answers to. Grip them in so much that they can't help but continue to read through your sales page or website. Make them feel like they must know how it ends.

If you're writing a sales page using lists to pre-qualify them can be helpful. Use phrases like "Does this sound familiar?" or "Do any of these have you nodding your head?" before writing the list.

You can also use it in stories. Let's say you're describing a scenario where a past client was struggling and when they get to their rock-bottom moment you say "So, how did they turn things around?" and they have to (and want to!) keep reading to find out.


Persuasive copy isn't about begging your potential buyers to buy your product or service, it's about utilizing simple tools and psychology to encourage their brains to do the persuading for you.

Many of these wonderful ideas were inspired by James Wedmore's Copy Conversion Cards deck!

Happy writing!


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