The Faceless Regime: How Faceless Marketing Is Taking The World By Storm

Something that has been gaining steam on the social media platforms (but especially Instagram) is Faceless Marketing.

Social media platforms were previously full of high-energy faces. Marketing that was in your face and loud enough to stream above the crowd. But in 2024, it would appear the introverts are fighting back.

Toward the end of 2023 and into 2024, we have seen a rise in the trend of Faceless reels and Faceless content.

So, what does this mean for the future of marketing and business?

For the most part, we have seen a lot of individual-centred marketing, especially in the online space. Individuals put in a lot of work constantly creating content, always having to be dressed and ready, having to be highly engaging and on. People sell based on what they look like.

Those who are more attractive, outgoing, popular, etc. typically are more successful at this type of marketing. This is not a criticism. This phenomenon has been studied by many psychologists. We naturally trust people we find attractive more, and we have an inherent need to be liked and "in the cool crowd." It's not that they have better sales skills; it's simply how they are perceived by others subconsciously.

When you take the attractiveness bias or the need to be outgoing and popular, you can connect with people and sell based on your words.

Introducing: Faceless Instagram Reels

This type of marketing trend has been particularly popular with Instagram Reels. Stock videos are on the rise as many business owners put their own spin on things. 

Short-form video content is still the most popular type of media on the platform, and there is higher demand on creators than ever before. Many business owners have started to feel like their full-time job is content creation, leaving little time to complete their other business-related tasks. Even those who have a social media manager typically have to be in the videos.

While there are many creators who criticize the Faceless marketer, there are many benefits to this style of marketing:

  • Quicker turn around
  • Easier to be consistent with posting/marketing
  • The creator does not need to worry about appearance including doing their hair and makeup
  • These types of reels are getting high engagement
  • Allow for better boundaries and anonymity
  • Help with more creative reels
  • Allow the written message to be in the spotlight
  • Allows shy, quiet introverted people a space to express themselves authentically
  • Allows for more aesthetically branded content

Also, just because you do some Faceless reels, does not mean you need to do everything Faceless. If you feel like having your face show up one day, go with the nudge.

But, what about building trust and authenticity?

A main criticism of Faceless marketing is the lack of authenticity and suggesting that these accounts build less trust. 

This can definitely be true. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the creator/business owner to ensure they show up with highly authentic written content and engage with their audience in other ways to build that trust. 

Think about it: We purchase things from businesses without seeing the owner's face all the time; it can be done online, too.

Using personal stories (your own and those of your clients/customers) is a great way to start building trust with your audience and demonstrating authenticity. I think stories are the number one way to engage with your audience and authentically sell your services, whether you're showing your face or not. There are many accounts that show their faces in reels and posts that are far less authentic than many of the faceless accounts.

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It's up to you to remain transparent and form that connection with your potential customers.

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