$300.00 USD

Digital Resource Creation

Looking to have & sell a beautiful digital resource to help support your clients & create warm leads for future launches?

You don't have to give away free things to get leads. Fun fact: you actually get warmer leads if they have already paid for something.

A great way to get them into your world without having to try to sell them a big package upfront is a "no-brainer" priced digital resource.

You still get plenty of leads, you make money, they get more value and your email list is full of people who have already invested in you!

What you'll get:

  • Full copy or co-creation copy
  • A beautifully designed digital resource
  • Full rights to sell digital product where & how you choose



"I just want to thank you for your creative work when it comes to creating books when it comes to putting things together. SKE Creative Media you are awesome. You recently did my e-book and I just want to say that you put all that effort into helping me write my book, putting it out there and seeing it come to life. You are amazing with words, you're amazing with the way you put things together. I gave you an outline and you blew my mind. So I just want to thank you and I love the way you do everything you do so keep doing what you're doing. I appreciate you."

CathyAnn Olive